Friday, September 24, 2010

Year 2 Self Portraits

This piece was our first piece of work in year 2 this year.  The children went through lessons on how to  draw faces.  Specifically the division of the face to gain a more 'lifelike' proportion. 
Next the children coloured the face with wax crayons and then cut the portrait out.
On a separate piece of cartridge paper the children then pooled water colour paints on the page allowing the colours to mix if desired. 
Then with more cartridge- rip pieces and place randomly on the pooled paint to allow the paint to soak up the paint and push it down twith the paintbrush and even cover the ripped pieces with an opposing colour.
Set asside to dry.  Then take of the ripped peices of cartridge and glue them onto the background in another part of the background.  This adds depth to the piece.
Once the background is completed, glue the self portrait onto the background.  Frame and display.  The children really loved doing this and they looked wonderful hung in the classrooms.

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  1. Very cute! I love the Yr 2 self portrait that came home to me! x