Friday, April 29, 2011

Andy Goldsworthy Inspiration

 Our School has a very special week each year called Festival of Gifts.  During this week there is a day dedicated to 'Go-off' in which the students explore various activities that match the theme for the week.  This year we looked at how we could become a green school.

 Here you can see the inspiration to use natural materials in art work like that of Andy Goldsworthy.

 We then brought 90 Yr 2 students self made enviro plates together to make a Mandala.  The following are some of the wonderful creations that the students made from smearing Vaseline on a paper plate then arranging the leaves and petals in a radiating pattern.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eric Carl inspiration

This beautiful painting was created by my son when he was 5 (Prep). The inspiration is from the very talented Eric Carl and the children love creating this composition.

1.Firstly the children create a background using sponges- A5 size.  Dabbing the paint all over the paper
2. Various stations are set up with a variety of sponges, rollers, printing stamps, forks, toothpicks.  Here the children go to each station making a variety of coloured papers.
3.  The children then sketch a design for their 'Garden Theme'  and then go about making the shapes for each part of the composition from their coloured papers they have painted.  Shapes being the key here- draw on the back of the paper, then cut out and arrange onto the background.
The end result is always effective and very striking.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dino Mania

These little treasures at the beginning were made by my own children around Sept last year.  They adore clay as do I!  My daughter who was in Yr 2 had already made the dinosaur in class so decided that he needed a nest for his eggs and a tree.
These pics, although a bit dismal, are of the dinosaurs that my own class made.  We started with a simple pinch pot first , then learnt how to 'score' the clay to attach features like heads, legs and so on.

 This Spinosaurus was one of my favourites!

This dino was laying in the water, I was told!

 I think they turned out pretty well for 7 year olds!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pen and Ink Yr 5/6 drawings

Firstly I gave the students15 squares to experiment with a variety of 'doodles'.  We looked at how you can create movement, depth, tone and shape with a humble fine point black pen.

Next they used a natural  setting as inspiration to use some of their doodles to within the image.

Once their image was complete, I photocopied the image on to another coloured piece of paper.  
The students then cut the coloured piece up into waves, or whatever desired pieces and restuck the image back together onto the white image.
Below are some of the images the Year 5/6 students created.

I really liked this boys interpretation of under the ocean.

Lots of block out areas help the tree to really stand out.

Simple yet elegant!