Friday, April 29, 2011

Andy Goldsworthy Inspiration

 Our School has a very special week each year called Festival of Gifts.  During this week there is a day dedicated to 'Go-off' in which the students explore various activities that match the theme for the week.  This year we looked at how we could become a green school.

 Here you can see the inspiration to use natural materials in art work like that of Andy Goldsworthy.

 We then brought 90 Yr 2 students self made enviro plates together to make a Mandala.  The following are some of the wonderful creations that the students made from smearing Vaseline on a paper plate then arranging the leaves and petals in a radiating pattern.


  1. It was amazing to look out my window and see that wonderful work of art. The children really looked so excited as they created it!