Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memory Boxes P-3 Art Club

As Promised I am uploading the completed Memory box photos made by my Prep to Year 3 Art Club.

 As you can see each box is painted in the child's favourite colour and then they have made themselves  to stick onto the front.
 They put a label for the spin of their book and added some coper and darker shades of their favourite colour on the edges of the book to give it some old style character.
 The contents of their box included, their favourite animal, portrait of their family, favourite food, etc, etc...
 The box was lined from some text from an old Enid Blyton book that I had and the goodies were then added.
 Each box was unique and filled with the child's individual treasures.

 This adorable box was made from a staff member's child who has just turned 4!  Take a look at the beautiful sun that she made out of patty pans and match sticks- so fantastic to even see a 4 year old express her love for something.

A worthwhile activity that was loved  by each child.  Enjoy!